Friday, November 24th, 2017

I think I was last shocked by Bob Dylan


Run, don’t walk, to the nearest gas station or Waukesha Freeman newspaper box, hand over a couple of quarters, and read my latest column. (I’m told there’s a rumor among the copy editors that Editor Bill Yorth lost a bet and that’s why my column runs every Thursday.)

This week I take on the Material Girl, the Boy Toy, Evita, and whatever other name she uses scrawled on men’s room walls coast-to-coast, Madonna.

An excerpt:

But what can we expect from a concert tour that promises the following (from her Web site): “A politicized video montage starring Adolf Hitler, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Osama bin Laden, Richard Nixon, George Bush and starving African children”?

Yippee, we’re going for the whole cliché at $350 per ticket. Can I save myself the money and read a column by Maureen Dowd instead?

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