Saturday, August 17th, 2019

I think I’m supposed to take this Zielinski rant personally (bad language alert)


The good folks at Wisconsin Reporter caught the rantings of a rabid Graeme Zielinski about the Dontre Hamilton case.

This one caught my eye:

I can’t speak for the single fat white Republicans in Waukesha, but as a married fat white Republican in Waukesha I’m guessing that I’ve done more and cared more for African Americans in Milwaukee than a stupid fat white former Democratic Party spokesman from Milwaukee’s South side. Not only do I give one {expletive deleted} about the dead in Milwaukee, I grew up on the northwest side, unlike Graeme Zielinski. I attended Milwaukee Public Schools and, unlike Zielinski, I have a real fondness for my hometown. While Zielinski is vomiting up bucketfuls of bile everyday I actually write about ways to help Milwaukee’s kids trapped in failing schools, Milwaukee politicians wasting bucketfuls of money instead of being good shepherds to the taxes paid for public services, and even the violence on the streets.

So unlike Zielinski, I don’t have to fake an African American self-identification to care what happens in Milwaukee. When he wrote these tweets, was he wearing blackface?

This is the most ridiculous posturing by a white guy since Steve Martin in “The Jerk.” Shameful, really.

But as bad as that was, it doesn’t compare to Zielinski condoning calling police officers, “pigs.”

The “truth?”

I doubt too many people in Waukesha will worry about being insulted by Graeme Zielinski. However, after the disgusting public display on Twitter today, what does his behavior say about those around him? What does it say about the Democratic Party of Wisconsin that Zielinski was their spokesman under current Chairman Mike Tate? Or what does it say about Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele who was paying Zielinski to be a communications consultant when Zielinski was libeling Sheriff David Clarke? Or even what does it say about Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, for whom Zielinski was working during the last election cycle? (Unless, of course, Zielinski was lying.)

Liberals like to claim we should ignore Zielinski because he’s no longer with the Democratic Party but he keeps finding enablers, whether it’s the politicians I mentioned or websites like Blogging Blue and The Wisconsin Gazette. After today, I hope they’re proud of what their association with Zielinski has done to their reputations, too. At least the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had the decency to fire him.

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