Sunday, January 20th, 2019

I voted


Just a wild prediction first: I predict Democrats will have higher turnout than Republicans in Waukesha.

Charlie Sykes predicted yesterday in an e-mail yesterday to National Review Online Senator McCain will win Wisconsin in November. I’ll take that wager.

Now, for how I voted:

I couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Call it HRC derangement syndrome, but if I was responsible in any way for her becoming president, I don’t know how I could face my children.

There was no strategic advantage in voting for Obama.

I was not going to throw away my vote. No vote for Fred.

I was not going to take the coward’s way out and choose to vote for undesignated delegates. It was tempting.

Ron Paul? I’d sooner cast my vote for Jimmy Carter.

No. I voted for John McCain.

1) Foreign policy. As a lifelong student of foreign policy, I voted for the most qualified remaining candidate.
2) My son Will wants somebody from Arizona to be president in his lifetime. It will mean anybody can grow up to be president. Besides, I have family in Arizona. I don’t know anybody in Arkansas.
3) Like Cindy McCain, I’ve always been proud of my country, too.

Hey, look, I voted for the guy who won!

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