Friday, November 24th, 2017

I want my two dollars!


The proposed Waukesha County Budget was handed out today. County Executive Dan Vrakas produced a budget that doesn’t quite live up to expectations, positive or negative.

After a full year of Vrakas in office, spending is still an issue. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, spending will increase from $251 million to $254 million.

The county tax levy will increase $1.2 million dollars, a 1.3% increase. According to Vrakas chief of staff Allison Bussler, the per capita increase in the property tax will be $1.64 or a .71% increase. However, because of growth the average property taxpayer in Waukesha will see a $4.00 decrease.

If you’re trying to reconcile the per capita tax increase and the average property taxpayer seeing a decrease, everyone in Lake Waukesha is above average. (My liberal readers will get the reference.)

As we pour through the details in the next couple of weeks, I’m sure some questions will come up. Given the decrease in the capital expenditure budget and the borrowing from the recycling fund, we must be seeing an increase in operating expenses. Are we creating a long-term structural deficit which will mean higher taxes in the future?

By the way, last year’s budget raised the average homeowner’s tax six dollars, so I’m still out two dollars in the Vrakas era. I want my two dollars! I need to pay the paperboy.

For those who want the details, the proposed budget is up at the county website.

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