Monday, November 20th, 2017

I watched vampire movies instead


Mike and Anne Mathias watched the gubernatorial debate. Having seen parts one and two of the mini-series, they stuck it out for part three.

Anne: God, I don’t even want to watch this, do you?

Michael: I feel sort of obligated at this point. We’ve slogged through the others…

Anne: Ok, blue suits, white or light blue shirts, dark red ties. American flag pins, right? Who will have the bigger pin?

Michael: Green. A big American pin. He’s got to compensate.

Anne: This is the best lighting so far.

Michael: God, citizen questions again. That’s it. I’m not watching this.

Anne: But they spent all day at a workshop, a workshop.

There was live blogging over at the Spring City Chronicle (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). “I just wasted another hour of the ever dwindling number of hours left in my life.”

Patrick of the Badger Blogger pens a more favorable review. “So far, this is the best of the three debates.”

Brian Fraley scored the fight a win for Green. Owen gets nervous about the possible presence of Satan. Kathy scores it as win for Green. Fred’s phone rang as he scored the fight round by round.

I watched Bela Lugosi in Mark of the Vampire.

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