Sunday, November 19th, 2017

I will never understand Racine


Racine voters decided to again give more tax money to the failing Racine Unified School District. This after a last minute revelation that, oops, we lost over $3 million and can’t find it anywhere.

So let me try to understand this again. The voters in Racine tossed out George Petak because of the tiny Miller Park sales tax, but they replaced him with Kim Plache. Then they found temporary sanity and voted for Cathy Stepp. In the meantime, the voters have voted yes in nine school referendums to increase their taxes. They have now voted for a tax increase that even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel* couldn’t support.

I’m beginning to believe the reason Racine schools do so poorly is genetic. It’s not everyone in Racine, I know. But I no longer blame the school district for any problems it may have educating the students. Look at the dumb genetic stock the students come from.

*By the way, is there more of a kiss of death in a competitive election than a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial?

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