Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

I’d rather watch paint dry


Stephen Green is excited because Hollywood is considering making Atlas Shrugged into a movie. As if Battlefield Earth wasn’t bad enough.

In 1957, Whittaker Chambers took apart Ayn Rand, her book and her ideology in one devastating review. I strongly urge anyone to read the review before bothering with the book – or the movie if it comes.

Why would anyone think someone could make a movie out of a few cartoonish scenes containing endless soliloquies about the “virtue” of selfishness and materialism? In Rand’s world, the only virtue is production and the only sins are envy, weakness, taxation and the Kelo decison. Hardly riveting stuff.

The Fountainhead was passable. We the Living would probably make a decent movie. But Atlas Shrugged? Only as a Mel Brooks parody.

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