Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Idiot politician of the week


Idiot politician of the week

What a great week for the idiots. It’s a miracle some polticians can walk and chew gum at the same time. This week’s blog entry is for those that can’t.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton reminded everyone of the 1990s the other day when she claimed her trip to Bosnia came under sniper fire. Here’s a tip to would-be politicians, do not lie about an event recorded on film. Francois Mitterand famously got away with telling a similar story about a supposed attempt on his life. It helped that there were no witnesses. On the other hand, the little girl with the flowers that greeted Mrs. Clinton at the airport may have been Osama Bin Laden in disguise.

From the national to the local, Waukesha School Board President William Baumgart is not using the brains that years of evolution supposedly gave him. When asked by the Waukesha Freeman if the school board planned to endorse a candidate in the 97th Assembly District, Baumgart replied that the school district hadn’t endorsed anyone in the past, and he hasn’t thought about it because it didn’t come up yet.

Here, let me do Baumgart’s thinking for him. It’s a stupid idea, and Baumgart should have told the reporter that. Furthermore, you think Mayor Larry Nelson gets into trouble whenever he endorses a candidate, just wait until some damn fool member of the non-partisan school board does it. You want to alienate any chance of public support for future referendums? Make the school board look like a partisan Democrat shop within a Republican district.

On second thought, maybe they should all endorse Roger Danielsen, the former school board member who was forced to resign in disgrace before he could be recalled.

But even that pales in comparison to the continuing saga of one Jefferson Davis of Menomonee Falls. Davis was the controversial Village President who was forced to resign in a plea deal with then Waukesha DA Paul Bucher because of Davis’ continually screwed-up campaign finance reports. Davis attempted a comeback but fell short, and now he’s running for village trustee. Because Davis cannot fill out the campaign finance reports properly and keep track of his receipts, he has been asked to submit his campaign finance reports to the state’s Government Accountability Board to clean up before he turns it in officially. If you need Kevin Kennedy’s help you truly are an idiot, and Jefferson Davis definitely wins the prize as this week’s Idiot Politician of the Week.

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