Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Idiot politician of the week


It wasn’t Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson. Getting into a fight with someone who buys ink and pixels buy the barrel may not have been smart. Posting a partisan endorsement (and I know he tried not to make it look that way) on a city website was not bright either. But Nelson gets a break this week.

City of Waukesha Administrator Lori Luthor is not quite the evil genius of distant relative Lex Luthor, at least not last week. The explanation for attending the Barack Obama rally just does not hold water (always a problem in Waukesha). Awfully hard to coordinate security for an event when 1) your job has nothing to do with security and 2) you’re sitting in the front row of the event between the mayor and the governor. Unless you’re planning on acting as a human shield for the mayor, you belong back at the office. But even that is not the winner this week.

It wasn’t Roger Danielsen, the disgraced ex-school board member from Waukesha who resigned before he could be recalled, although I’m certain he’ll be in the running in the future. Believing he could run again for public office is certainly idiotic. Believing the circumstances under which he was driven from public office would not be an issue was enough to make him first runner-up. But he just fell short of our winner.

No, the winner has to be New Berlin Mayor Jack Chiovatero. Even cutting him some slack for being mayor in the snake pit of New Berlin, his complaint about blogs and his response to them takes the prize. From Milwaukee Magazine Pressroom, March 2008:

And New Berlin Mayor Jack Chiovatero says his administration has opted not to post press releases online because of the blogs. “They’re negative and filled with wrong information,” he says. “If we post our information on there, people won’t know if it’s true or not.”

No, the test of whether a press release is accurate or not is not if its online. The test may be if it comes from the office of Jack Chiovatero.

For keeping his office in the 19th century, Jack Chiovatero is our idiot of the week.

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