Saturday, November 18th, 2017

I’m looking forward to President Romney, too


I’ve been joking about the Republican field, suggesting that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is going to win the nomination (and the election) by default. WISN’s Mark Belling actually explains in his Waukesha Freeman column (only 50 cents!) why Romney is likely to win the Republican nomination.

There’s only one name not on the list of disqualified Republican presidential candidates. Imperfect as he is, uncommitted to conservative principles and inventor of government health care – all of that baggage notwithstanding – it is hard to see how Republicans can avoid making Mitt Romney their nominee for president.

Most of the candidates chose to run not because they thought they had any serious chance of winning but because they didn’t see the downside in getting to appear in weekly nationally televised debates. What else did Gingrich and Santorum have to do with their lives? I suppose Gingrich could have gotten another divorce and Santorum could have written another book, but going on MSNBCCNNFoxCNBCBloomberg every week is a lot more fun.

The only two in the race with the qualifications or financial support to have a real chance were Perry and Romney. It seemed like a classic race between the conservative and moderate wings of the party. But Perry simply fell apart on the national stage. As brilliant a governor as he has been in Texas, it is apparent from his constant stumbles that he hasn’t given much (any?) thought to national issues. Anybody with deeply held beliefs on the federal government would be able to know the agencies he would eliminate. Perry’s implosion leaves Romney as the only man standing.

I think Belling is not only correct, but he demonstrates why Romney may be elected president, a president that nobody wanted. Meanwhile, the Republicans’ best candidate is on the sidelines.

But will Romney ask Congressman Paul Ryan to run for Vice President?

A recent Gallup poll may explain Romney’s ability to stay on top. It turns out that few Republicans actually hate Romney. They’re just not ga-ga for him.

I do think there is time for Perry to recover. Wouldn’t it be ironic if he fired the staff that left Gingrich to join Perry’s campaign?

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