Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

I’m nursing the final days of a cold


If this cold doesn’t end soon I’ll start writing like Owen. So blogging will be light for a few days.

Occasional jokes will still be posted at random.

So a few quick points before the heavy meds and the Nyquil kicks in:

  1. Jessica McBride makes her debut on WTMJ, even as I’m typing. If we all ask Patrick real nice, maybe he’ll share the audio.
  2. Waukesha Mayoral update: Dean Fields has been doing direct mail. Andrew Kallin has been going door-to-door in his own Supervisor district in an untargeted pattern. Saw my first Ann Nischke sign. Doesn’t anyone campaign east of the Fox River other than Kallin? I vote in every election and nobody has knocked on my door yet. It’s okay people. I live in the district. You can ask me for my vote this time.
  3. Duh headline of the day: “Cheney apparently breaks key hunting rule“. Ya think? I guess it depends what kind of tags he had with him.
  4. I reiterate my intense dislike of Ann Coulter. Mark my words, when this schtick finally gets too much for Human Events, she’ll become a beansprout vegetarian lesbian writing books about how R Emmett Tyrell Jr made her say all those things about Muslims. George Soros will give her a foundation.
  5. If the Waukesha County Board has too much work to be done by 19 County Supervisors, why are they cancelling meetings?
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