Sunday, August 25th, 2019

I’m really going to have to start charging them


It’s so obvious, Mike Plaisted has noticed the trend, too.

“blah-blah-blah. paranoia wing-nut racist racist blah blah blah. Widgerson: He of the weekly Best of the Blogs notice in the J-S, blah blah wingnut.”

Or at least something to that effect, only more poetic.

It’s nice that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notices my work regularly, even if they don’t cut me a check. I always wonder:

1) What do their readers think if they check out my blog and I’ve got a post up suggesting McDonalds should care less about the safety of children than the reach of my computer’s power cord?

2) Isn’t the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel afraid I’ll attract a few readers to the Waukesha Freeman every Thursday when my column runs, always worth the 50 cents?

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