Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

I’m really shocked by Schimel’s decision


I’m really shocked by the decision by Waukesha District Attorney Brad Schimel not to at least investigate the matter further of whether or not someone else signed Frank Greuel’s name to petitions to recall Waukesha Alderman Peggy Bull. Schimel asks what would be the motive? The signature at the bottom says that the circulator witnessed each person signing the petition. If Greuel was not the actual circulator, and the actual circulator did not want his/her name known, then perhaps that would be motivation for the alleged forgery. That’s one possible motive.

For Schimel not to at least bring in a handwriting expert of his own to examine the signatures is just ridiculous. If this isn’t the type of possible election fraud we’re going to see investigated, then why investigate any election fraud at all? At the risk of getting more invitations to join from Jeff Christensen of the Waukesha Democratic Party, if a Republican District Attorney is not going to be serious about investigating possible election fraud in his own county, what’s the point of having a Republican District Attorney?

I don’t see how any could look at the signatures (posted here for the District Attorney’s convenience) and not see at least some reason to investigate.

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