Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

I’m shocked, shocked, that anyone would use sex to sell cars


But it gives me a good excuse to show Kate Upton.

By the way, if Mercedes uses a tall blonde to sell their cars, is that too Aryan? Are they racists? Or is that only if she uses a German accent?

Volkswagen’s ad features a preppy white man, who has adopted a Jamaican accent after purchasing a new Volkswagen. Imitating Reggae king Bob Marley, he reassures everyone who has the Monday blues that “Everything will be alright.”

At the end of the spot, even an Asian man starts speaking like a Jamaican before the ad cuts in with the slogan, “Get in, be happy.”

But unfortunately not everyone found the ad so “happy.”

The New York Times columnist Charles Blow on CNN’s “Starting Point,” reportedly said that the fake Jamaican accent was like “blackface with voices.”

Barbara Lippert, editor-at-large of, also reportedly accused the ad of being “so racist,” on NBC’s “Today Show.”

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