Monday, November 20th, 2017

I’m so fat I’m four people now


In case you missed the Waukesha Freeman, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus did a little reputation damage control. Let me undo some of her work.

Last I checked, I do not have multiple personalities. The only Lufter representative there when the numbers finally started flashing across the screen was me. Lee Colony of the Waukesha Freeman and a room full of people are my witnesses. Nobody else from the Lufter campaign materialized until after the vote count was screwed up.

Second, and more important, Kathy Nickolaus did not say anything was wrong with the numbers until after I told Chris on the cell phone that 40 of 40 wards had reported and that she won.

Even more frustrating to me is how at the end of the night Kathy Nickolaus repeatedly told me to my face that if Chris Lufter wanted to talk to her the next day, Chris could call anytime. Chris did, and left a message on voice mail, Nickolaus never returned the call, and then told Alicia Silva she never got a call from Chris.

I was all set to drop the matter (after all, it doesn’t affect the outcome) but today I learned the numbers were still messed up, which was discovered during the vote canvassing.

Let me be blunt. I think Kathy Nickolaus is in over her head. I think the County Board should drag her before a committee before she screws up the November election. And I’m beginning to think it’s a real shame she ran unopposed in the Republican Primary, because it seems like every election there’s another issue with the vote tallies.

Update! 9/15/06 Turns out the canvass numbers do match up. The final results are being released today.

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