Sunday, November 19th, 2017

I’m thinking about painting the living room Duck a l’Orange


Pete Kennedy’s column in the Waukesha Freeman* on paint colors and hair salons (which, when you think about it, really go together) is worth reading if for nothing else but this,

All right, so that fateful morning (after driving by Karen for Hair), I looked at paint colors and found some gem names. Disney has a few. Yes, there is Disney paint. Thank heavens.

The colors are more examples of the kind of cross-marketing we’ve come to know and loathe from Disney. There is Jasmine’s Gem, which is just a little darker than Enchanted Coach Ride. Shy Little Piglet is a soft pink, if that’s your style. It made me want a BLT.

*Coffee’s cheaper at the gas station, and you’ll still have 50 cents left over to buy a Waukesha Freeman.

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