Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Impeach Obama?


One of the dumber ideas now circulating is the impeachment of President Obama (although it presently doesn’t have as much support as the impeach Bush movement did on the left). The idea’s supporters co-sponsored a conservative conference this weekend.  Conservative writer Ed Morrissey gave the idea the appropriate response:

When the grassroots come together for events like Western CPAC, it usually brings together a great deal of energy as well as a wide idea of ideas, some better than others.  One of the worst — and worst defended — ideas at WCPAC comes from Floyd Brown, whose is one of the sponsors for this event.  In his speech this morning, Brown misstates history, draws ridiculous parallels to the Nazi era, and takes the wrong lessons from the Clinton impeachment, which at least had the virtue of coming from an actual impeachable offense.

Morrissey has since been told by some conferees that he should not have insulted his host.

Morrissey should have responded that such a ludicrous-sounding organization never should have been a co-sponsor in the first place. In the next few years we’ll probably see more efforts like the “impeach Obama” movement that will be equally nutty. Responsible conservative organizations will need to be careful to keep such groups at a distance. That includes not giving them prominence at political conferences or allowing them to have any role in sponsoring such events.

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