Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Inside the mind of Michael J Hollywood


“We are who we are. We have what we have. We want what we want. We have a right to seek the representation that will get it for us,” Mr. Fox said.

And what would Fox do if were to be denied what he selfishly desires, the destruction of many human lives in the frantic search for a few hours free of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Heaven help those who would stand in his way for they have no value, no moral standing. All that he wants should be his regardless of the cost or loss of morality.

Fox’s words are not those of a reasoning mind but those of a wounded beast of the forest. While we should feel compassion, even pity, it’s foolish to pretend this is a mind that can speak reason. As such, we must recognize the danger of the rage behind his words even as we must dismiss what he says. His wealth and popularity make him dangerous, and he is not alone in his destructive appetite.

If nothing else, he is certainly instructive of the nature and dangers of pop culture “celebrity”.

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