Friday, November 24th, 2017

Inside the sausage casing


Jason Wilde at the Wisconsin State Journal reveals the inside ingredients of a Miller Park Sausage Race.

And because it’s Sunday, the race is a relay, so I’ll be tagging off to a kid dressed as a little hot dog – my Mini-Meat, if you will – in front of the Brewers’ dugout to finish the race.

Unfortunately, the Brewers aren’t exactly putting the crowd of 21,608 in a cheery mood. The home team is on the way to its eighth straight loss, and an alleged ground- ball pitcher named Joe Winkelsas – no, we’re not making up that name – has just come in and given up a grand slam to Nationals star Alfonso Soriano to put the visitors ahead 6-0.

At this rate, Winkelsas’ next gig will be racing as the long- lost fifth sausage: The Knockwurst.

If they let me run I would have to be the Polish Sausage. I’d probably be the first sausage they had to perform CPR on somewhere between third base and home plate.

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