Monday, November 20th, 2017

Investigation leaks so much you need an umbrella indoors


Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm’s John Doe investigation is leaking so much, it should be called The Titanic. All that’s missing is Celine Dion and a half-naked Kate Winslett. Consider the latest Dan Bice column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Sources have given varying descriptions of the emails, calling them everything from “legally inconclusive” to “a bombshell.” One insider said the private messages contradict Walker’s discussions with his county staff.

All sources refused to release the documents because of the secrecy order in the John Doe case. Anyone divulging information from the closed court hearings could face criminal charges under the secrecy order.

I think Bice included that last sentence as intended irony. I don’t think he’s that obtuse.

The number of leaking holes for a “secret” investigation are incredible.

“Those familiar with the exchange”
“Sources have given varying descriptions”
“One insider said”
“All sources refused to release the documents”
“said a source”
“Sources have given the date”

Bice does say in the article, “None of the information regarding the Walker-Hiller email exchange came from officials or staffers in the DA’s office.” Okay, but the information is leaking out illegally, and we have a judge, Neal Nettesheim, presiding over the investigation who is strangely uninterested in the leaks.

Nettesheim was appointed to the court of appeals by liberal Democratic Governor Tony Earl, served on the Wisconsin Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee that attempted to control the race between Louis Butler and Michael Gableman for the state Supreme Court, and was an endorser of former Waukesha Democratic Party Chairman Richard Congdon in his failed judicial re-election attempt against former State Representative Mark Gundrum. Hardly the history of a neutral party.

If Nettesheim is uninterested in the integrity of the investigation, or what’s left of it considering Chisholm’s failure to manage his office, then the judge should step aside. Maybe then the leaks would stop.

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