Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Iron Mine 2, the sequel


The MacIver Institute is reporting that proposed mining approval process reform legislation may be coming back to life like Buck Rodgers.

The Capitol is abuzz today with rumors that the feared-dead mining permit modernization bill may still have a pulse. The Senate Judiciary committee suddenly scheduled AB426 as a topic for a public hearing on Monday. Although no new public testimony will be taken at that time, it raises the question: If the last day of Session is this Thursday, why schedule this bill for a Monday hearing?

The MacIver Institute interviewed State Senator Rich Zipperer regarding the mining bill who remains optimistic that the mining bill can be done.

Private sector unions, not part of the Republican coalition, are also hoping that the mining bill isn’t dead. At Serb Hall recently, Democrats found their message of “reclaim Wisconsin” interrupted by one union leader unhappy with the Democrats for opposing the mining bill.

Balistreri represents more than 15-thousand construction trades workers in southeast Wisconsin, men and women who would have benefited from the mining reform bill.

“For the Senate Democrats to vote against this bill is a sign that they’re not with us. They’re certainly not job creators, and in fact they’re job killers. And I’m sick and tired of the partisan politics in the State of Wisconsin. The working people in the state of are taking a beating. Democrats and Republicans are at each other’s throats, and this sort of thing has to stop,” said Balistreri.

See: My post for the MacIver Institute on the mining issue from March 5th, my Waukesha Freeman column from last week.

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