Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Irrational concealed carry opponents


Liberal writer Jim Rowen offers a blog post that I think is pretty typical of those who are opposed to legalized concealed carry in this state. Ralph Lang was planning on shooting people at an abortion clinic when a gun he had went off in his hotel room. Rowen wrote,

For gun-crazy legislators trying to make it as easy to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin as a wallet, the fortuitous capture of a man admitting his murderous intentions should be a major, major teachable moment.

What is the lesson? That maybe someone at the clinic should consider carrying a gun in case a nut decides to commit an act of violence?

Because if the person was intent on committing homicide, violating the current law against concealed carry of a weapon wasn’t much of a deterrent. Making concealed carry legal would not have affected this case at all, anymore than the current prohibition on concealed carry affected Lang’s decision making.

It’s terrible when someone is so twisted that they think so little of their fellow human beings that they are willing to kill them in the name of some cause. But trying to twist this story into a reason for opposing concealed carry does not contribute anything to the debate on that issue and only harms the credibility of the person doing the story twisting.

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