Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Is anyone else uncomfortable with this?


Rick Esenberg is not endorsing anyone in the state supreme court race. The Federalist Society asked Esenberg to prepare a couple of papers concerning the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. As a law professor, a blogger, and a working lawyer, Esenberg has been asked to offer his opinion from time-to-time on various aspects of the court race, as well as other legal questions. He has been totally open about his role in the race.

Does it disturb anyone that a member of the political left is poking around in his personal business hoping to smear him?

I know that one reader of this blog has contacted the Milwaukee Federalists to ask them to comment of the fact that I was being “paid to comment on issues in the Supreme Court race.” That’s not really accurate. First, my relationship on this is with the national office, not the Milwaukee Chapter and, second, what I have been or will be paid for is to write this white paper and last years.

Anyone do any investigations of me lately? I’m dying to know what you found out.

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