Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Is Feingold’s pollster secretly Baghdad Bob?


Senator Russ Feingold’s pollster Paul Maslin sent a memo to the Feingold campaign, helpfully made public by the campaign, that all of the other polls are inaccurate. The race, according to their super-secret internal polls, is really tied. Really.

Guess what? Even the liberal pollsters aren’t buying it. Public Policy Polling, the polling firm now used by Daily Kos, tweeted, “When is the Feingold campaign going to stop blaming their problems on the automated polls? CNN, Reuters have shown same.”

In fact, Reuters’ new poll shows what everyone else is showing: Ron Johnson is still over 50%, and still leads 51% to 44%. Ignore the tanks in the background flying the Ron Johnson yard signs, Feingold is still winning, right?

"Ignore the other polls! Feingold is still winning!"

I hope Feingold is fiscally conservative enough to ask for his money back.

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