Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Is Lee Holloway just being dumb?


Or is he just being malicious? Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway called Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker a “`Howdy Doody’ puppet and a David Duke-style politician.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane says Holloway should back off from the “trash talking.”

In the same interview, Holloway denied he was calling Walker a racist. Again, that doesn’t make sense. If he compares Walker to a Ku Klux Klan leader, how can he NOT be calling him racist? And where does Howdy Doodie play into all this? It sounds like the kind of insults you hear at a junior high school to me.

Basically, Holloway is mad a local citizens’ group is using his name and picture in rallies in support of Walker’s proposed budget, which Holloway opposes. But that’s no reason to start this kind of trash-talking along racial lines.

I think the only point Kane neglected to mention was that casually tossing around the charge of “racism,” even in a juvenile manner, diminishes the impact of the word and leaves us little left to say when confronted with real racism. How does that serve Holloway’s constituents?

Sadly Holloway would rather lash out at his opponents in the most vicious manner possible rather than behave like a mature, responsible leader, as demanded by his current public position. It’s a position the County Board should never have granted him.

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