Monday, November 20th, 2017

Is Mary Hubler delusional, or is she taking Wood’s pills?


State Representative Mary Hubler said today that there are not enough votes to expel State Representative Jeff Wood, despite the long list of offenses. She then offered one of the dumbest statements I have ever from a politician:

Hubler, D-Rice Lake, noted Wood is contesting charges in two of the cases, and it would be “a huge embarrassment” if the charges were dismissed after he was expelled. But she said Wood’s admission of guilt in the third case for driving drunk and possession of drug paraphernalia “might be enough” to justify a reprimand or censure.

Hubler is so stupid, she’s willing to supposedly count the drug charge against Wood but is not willing to consider the other charges that are still pending. Is she aware that the drug charges were dropped? If When Wood is convicted of the other charges, will she consider his expulsion then? Is she so completely stupid that she can’t even judge the evidence, including Wood’s admissions of guilt and the police videos, for herself?

Mary Hubler (right)

My God, he will actually have to kill someone.

While she’s at it, why doesn’t she just make a contribution to his re-election campaign? If there is no reason to expel him from the legislature, there is no reason for him to keep his promise not to run again, right? It’s not like he told the truth after his third arrest for OWI when he said he wouldn’t even fight the charges, so why should we expect him to keep his word now? Why expect him to be held accountable for anything?

The only “huge embarrassment” involved in this whole farce is Hubler and the Democrats willing to countenance the continued presence of Wood because they might need his vote. If they are not willing to toss this five-time (actually more) embarrassment to the state of Wisconsin out of the Legislature, then the Democrats and Mary Hubler can own his behavior, his record, and his disgraceful conduct in office.

And I never want to hear any Democrat complain about Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws again.

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