Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Is our history worth saving?


This was brought to my attention this evening. Mayor Jeff Scrima sent an email to the members of the Common Council today:

Subject: Landmarks Commission

Dear Common Council,

I am writing to seek your counsel on the future of the Landmarks Commission.

While this Commission can provide a valuable service to our community, as many of you are aware we have received a number of complaints regarding the Commission during this last year. Specifically we had the prior architect and chairman resign, and have received comments of concern from Commission members, citizens, as well as aldermen.

In order to navigate the complexities and opposing emotions involved with this issue, please let me know before next week if you feel we should, as a governing body, re-evaluate the mission, purpose and size of the Landmarks Commission (i.e. the Landmarks Ordinance) or if you have recommendations as to new citizen or aldermanic appointees.

Thank you for your collaboration in creating a better outcome!
Jeff Scrima

Mayor, City of Waukesha

Alderman Kathleen Cummings is on the Commission. It could be an attempt to get at her. It could be because developers often hate historical preservation. It could be because Scrima doesn’t know anything about historical preservation and is really looking for input.

I’m just going to say that I think the Council should tread real lightly before making any changes. Hopefully if the mayor is thinking of doing something really stupid, a few of the smart people talk him out of it or the Council doesn’t go along.

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