Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Is that racist?


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke takes another PR lump, but the attorney involved makes an interesting statement.

Gimbel said he doesn’t think the decision will force the combative sheriff to change his ways.

“No, no, no,” the lawyer said. “He thinks that every time he does this Idi Amin routine of his, he’s gaining new friends in Elm Grove. And he probably is.”

For those not familiar with the brutal and repressive Ugandan dictator, see actor Forest Whitaker’s portrayal in “The Last King of Scotland” or just go to Wikipedia or your local library.

Is that racist? I remember when some local liberals were upset with the characterization of County Board Chairman Lee Holloway as “a thug.” Is it racist to compare a local public official to a homicidal lunatic African dictator just because they’re both black? When does Franklyn Gimbel’s racial sensitivity class start?

Update! 10/19/11 Comments are closed. – JW

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