Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Is that why The Ten Commandments is shown every Easter?


Still examining the case of Mel Gibson and an arrest for drunk driving. With this much attention, you’d think he was a state attorney general driving a state car or something. Now the case has been referred to the experts.
Here’s what we know:

  1. Mel Gibson’s father is anti-semitic, to the point of being a Holocaust denier.
  2. Mel Gibson probably said some pretty horrible anti-semitic remarks when he was pulled over for drunk driving.
  3. Many in Hollywood don’t like Mel Gibson for other things he has said and done while sober, including denouncing abortion and being a strict Catholic.
  4. He made his own movie, The Passion of the Christ, that appealed to many Christians which some in Hollywood thought was anti-semitic even though the movie followed the Gospels.
  5. Liberals were upset with his previous movie, The Patriot, because it had young boys firing rifles and killing British soldiers.

Here’s what else we know:

  1. Roman Polanski would be welcome at more Hollywood parties if he could just get past that pesky requirement that he get arrested for raping a minor the moment he steps back in the United States. Of course, that won’t prevent Hollywood types from going to Europe to star in his films.
  2. Oliver Stone is still a popular film maker despite embracing Fidel Castro.
  3. Robert Redford is still popular, despite supporting Fidel Castro.
  4. Sean Penn will still be popular, despite flying to Iraq and defending Saddam Hussein.
  5. Ed Asner is still popular in Hollywood, despite cozying up to the Sandinistas.
  6. And we can find so many others…

So what do we do about Mel Gibson? He clearly has anti-semitic tendencies, no doubt instilled in him by his father. Can we still go see his films?

Yes, yes we can. Because if we start picking and choosing what we watch out of Hollywood on the basis of the random faults of the actors, we’ll soon run out of films to watch. But we should also keep in mind there is very little in the Hollywood culture to idolize, and if we concentrated more on the output of Hollywood and less on the personalities of Hollywood, maybe Hollywood would put out better products.

If you ask me to have a beer with Gibson, I’d politely decline, citing his anti-semitism. If you ask me to see one of his movies, well, Lethal Weapon was pretty bad.

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