Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Is the Waukesha Farmers Market really endorsing Scrima for mayor?


Is the city of Waukesha’s Farmers Market really endorsing Jeff Scrima for mayor? That’s the inescapable conclusion if you look at their Facebook page. Were the vendors polled? Were they even asked who they want for mayor? How about the patrons? I thought the Farmer’s Market was for the benefit of the whole city? If vendors and patrons do not support Mayor Jeff Scrima, are they welcome at the Farmer’s Market? Is President Obama? Is Governor Scott Walker? Is Congressman Paul Ryan?

This is pretty outrageous for the Downtown Business Association (DBA). The Farmer’s Market is a community asset that they were asked to run when the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) folded. Until the DBA ran it, there was very little controversy. Perhaps the Common Council should re-examine the decision that gave the Farmers Market to the DBA and put the operation out to bid instead.

By the way, as the Farmers Market was a BID asset, it remains a city asset. Using a government asset for political purposes is, last time I checked, still illegal.

Endorsement posted on February 1st on the Farmer's Market Facebook page.

Endorsement posted on February 1st on the Farmer’s Market Facebook page.


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