Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Is this really the message Wall wants to send to Republicans?


As I mentioned here, and as both Politico and are reporting, the decision by former Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel to endorse Ron Johnson was a surprise to nearly everyone, including Ron Johnson.

However, shortly after the Republican delegates at the state convention decided to follow suit and endorse Johnson, Terrence Wall’s campaign issued this statement in a press release:


[Middleton, WI] – When Ron Johnson took the opportunity to finally introduce himself to Republicans, he let a Democrat do it. On Sunday, Johnson received the proud endorsement of the architect of Jim Doyle’s failed economy and failed candidate Dick Leinenkugel.

The Campaign Manager for Terrence Wall’s United States Senate campaign, Ryan Murray says Ron Johnson took the one chance he’s had to introduce himself to Republicans by being endorsed by a Democrat.

“Ron Johnson is locking up an elite voting bloc.  Republicans that Jim Doyle likes.  Trust me, this is a group of people we are willing to let him win,”  Murray said, “A lot of Republicans are now wondering if a guy with no moral compass is backing Ron Johnson’s campaign, what does it say about Johnson?”

A commenter on a blog post here asks, “Are they trying to compete with Mark Neumann to see how many Republicans they can piss off? They can count me as one of them. I was willing to give the campaigns a little more time to flesh out, but this just put Wall off my radar.”

I think there may be more than a few Republicans that are wondering what the Wall campaign was thinking. Nearly 64% of the delegates assembled voted to give the party endorsement to Ron Johnson despite Johnson’s recent entry into the race. Are they Governor Jim Doyle’s favorite Republicans, too?

I understand the Wall campaign’s frustration, but the only one to blame for the inability of the Wall campaign to ignite passion among the party regulars is Terrence Wall. Throwing a press release tantrum will hardly endear himself to the people whose help he will need if he somehow puts together a coalition to win the Republican primary in September.

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