Monday, May 20th, 2019

It was the three buck chuck of United Council


Over at (yes, subscription required), I put the decision by the Joint Finance Committee to free UW System students from the burden of funding United Council with a mandatory fee in perspective. Here is an excerpt:

State Representative John Nygren told Wisconsin Public Radio that the request to end the mandatory fee for United Council came from students at UW Eau Claire. He said, “A mandatory fee is not appropriate. It’s something (students) should choose to join, choose to fund.”

It doesn’t take too much imagination to see that $3 per UW system student (with few exceptions) adds up to a lot of money. The latest United Council budget projected $808,520.22 hauled in from the students. Of that, $607,564.90 is dedicated to salary, benefits and related personnel costs for this student organization. Over 74 percent of their total budget is for personnel costs. Oh, and they get an office on the Capitol Square.

No wonder United Council staff members were so upset when the JFC killed the golden goose. In a report by Bob Hague for public radio, United Council Government Relations Director Dylan Jambrek said, “I’m not sure Representative Nygren is an expert in funding nonprofits in the state of Wisconsin, but this will have a significant impact on our ability to fund any staff positions.”

Jambrek, who earns $33,718.50, isn’t showing much expertise on funding non-profits. Most of them don’t have the state university system as their collection arm.

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