Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

It’s a bloggerful world


Brian Fraley takes his blog to the airwaves Monday and Tuesday filling in for the dulcet tones of Jay Weber. The heartbroken “Doreen from Waukesha” will be listening.

Members of the Badger Blog Alliance will be gathering at the State Fair in the Microbrew tent on Saturday at 12:30pm. I am not likely to attend at this point, but some of your other favorite bloggers will be there. Stop by and buy them a beer.

If you can’t join them there, stop by Papa’s Social Club, Tuesday August 8th, for the next session of Drinking Right. I will be there, signing autographs. If anyone has a coveted green postcard, now is the time to bring them by.

The Carnival of the Badger turned L this week, and Fred at Real Debate hands out the “Badgies”. You’ll want to check it out. (I’d host a fifth time, but I’m usually comatose Wednesday evenings, waking just long enough to watch Project Runway.)

Meanwhile, Jenna from Right off the Shore is asking the questions, and Owen and Ingrid are debating the proposed state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Already poor Ingrid is getting beat up – not by Owen and Jenna – by leftwingers upset that Ingrid would dare invite a conservative undecided on gay marriage to participate as the questioner. There are some in the gay marriage debate who are less concerned about winning over supporters than they are about attacking their opponents – mostly on the side in favor of gay marriage. Good luck to all three in keeping this civil.

Finally, I have my column up. It’s called Butt Out. It’s the tragic story of the Burgermeister banning cigarettes in the town. Can Kris Filter sneak past the Burgermeister, slide down the tavern chimneys and keep bar patrons well supplied?

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