Saturday, November 25th, 2017

It’s a quiet Father’s Day for the Wigdersons


I already received my present: new clothes and cologne from Mrs. Wigderson. My wife is working, and we’ll have steak on the grill, weather permitting, when she gets home.

I spoke with my dad on the phone, who saw my brother yesterday. Dad’s doing pretty good, all things considered. Another tree branch fell down in the yard, so he’ll have plenty of firewood for the winter.

My daughter is taking her nap. When she gets up, the chaos will begin again.

My son is tracking his arch-nemesis, Vaporizer, trying to stop him from invading Wauwatosa, West Allis and Milwaukee. I guess Brookfield doesn’t have a big enough water tower to be saved.

And if you’re looking for a belated Father’s Day present, or a birthday present for your dad, or if you didn’t get what you wanted for Father’s Day, might I suggest a Norman Rockwell “Goin’ Fishin'” beer stein available at Wiggy’s Warehouse?

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