Saturday, August 24th, 2019

It’s getting better


Spoke with Brian from the city garage. Apparently it’s his little project to tear up the intersection of Anoka and Greenfield Avenues. He told me that the people on Greenfield were notified of the construction. I pointed out to him that’s not acceptable, that the rest of us needed to notified, too, especially with Arcadian Avenue being torn up and Perkins Avenue incorrectly posted as closed. Project should be completed today.

Turns out Brian was the one who was supposed to inform the residents when Genesee Avenue was torn up last year, except he skipped the houses on the corners that faced Anoka. Oops.

Spoke with Alex at the city who is overseeing the Arcadian Avenue disaster. Told him that, finally, the signs on Perkins have been corrected. They say, “construction ahead,”  not, “road closed.” He said he told WE Energies to fix the signs twice and was surprised that it took until this morning to fix the problem.

I don’t know if he called them or not, but shouldn’t someone overseeing the project occasionally drive through the project to know what is actually happening at the project? It’s not like Waukesha is the size of Los Angeles. We shouldn’t have to wait two weeks for someone to correct the signs.

Anyway, it’s progress. Unfortunately, Blackstone Avenue is still closed except for local traffic. I can’t win every battle. Now we’ll see if we can get Genesee posted for “No Trucks” so we can avoid having power line pole being knocked down by a truck trying to get around the “No Trucks” sign on Perkins Avenue.

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