Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

It’s nine inches


I had to laugh at the following “Sound Off” in the Waukesha Freeman:

I’m a resident of Waukesha and I wanted to applaud the snowplows and the highway department. Excellent job on the roadways – and especially the city streets – this past snowstorm, which only resulted in 3 inches. They did do a good job on salting and they were up early again on Thursday morning (although that is their job). That’s what happens when you are a snowplow driver.
Yes, everybody did call in Dec. 1, and the calls went on forever, which is what people are supposed to do is to keep calling in and in and in and keep it up because the city needs to know just what exactly Paul Feller or the city of Waukesha is going to do the next time we have a snowstorm with 12 inches and more. Are we going to sit on our butts and do nothing or is Feller going to go home? But again, this time we only had 3 inches compared to 12. Please, everybody calling in, take note. There is 9 inches difference.

Hey, it’s not the size of the snowdrift, it’s the motion of the blower.

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