Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

It’s not just rude


Once again leftwing protestors disrupted the state Capitol today by disrupting a meeting of the Senate for fifteen minutes.  Unlike the protestors the other day, at least this time the protestors apparently listened to one of the Democrats telling them to stop.

It’s not just rude.  It’s not just a breech of decorum.  We should not refer to it as antics, or any other terms that would imply some lack of responsibility by the protestors.  This is deliberate harassment of the legislature and an attempt to intimidate Republican members.

Unfortunately we have Capitol Police that are incapable of anticipating these attacks.  Republican leadership in the legislature should question if the Capitol Police have any intention in providing for the security of the members, their staff, visitors to the Capitol, and for the proceedings of the legislature.

Meanwhile, legislative Democrats and their staff who previously have encouraged the protestors need to send a clear message that these actions by protestors will not be tolerated.  Because despite the protestors’ chants, mob rule is not what democracy looks like.

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