Monday, May 20th, 2019

It’s not like the mayor will have to pay


Vicky Hekkers on her blog reports a rumor that there will be a $25 fee for anyone entering the city of Waukesha Christmas Parade.

Rumor has it that the mayor has insisted that those marching in this years Christmas Parade have to pay $25/a piece to be included. A couple of Vietnam vets supposedly went to the mayor’s office to ask him about it and he blew them off..

Yes, yes there is a $25 charge this year.

Applications are now being accepted for consideration by the 2013 Waukesha Christmas Parade Committee and the City of Waukesha Chamber of Commerce.  Download forms here.

NOTE: The CWCC receives no tax revenue. An application processing fee has been added for the 2013 parade for all participants. This is not to discourage participation, but to cover the necessary costs associated with administering the parade for the city and its residents. Please contact the chamber office with any questions about the application processing fee. The chamber looks forward to a successful event. {emphasis added – JW}

This is the first time the (relatively young) city Chamber of Commerce is running the parade. Before this year, the (Scrima-destroyed) Business Improvement District ran it. The Chamber doesn’t have the resources the BID had.

Whether Mayor Jeff Scrima insisted on the fee remains to be determined but, hey, it’s not like he would have to pay a fee to march in the parade. He hasn’t marched in one since he was elected despite the parade’s status (for now) as the biggest civic event of the year.

We’ll see how many of the small non-profits (like scouting organizations) cough up the cash to participate.

Bah, humbug, Mr Scrima!

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