Saturday, August 24th, 2019

It’s official, the Town of Waukesha is completely insane


Time to build a padded wall around them and call it a day. Only in the town of Waukesha would hiring Kathy Nickolaus as the clerk seem like a good idea.

During a special board meeting Tuesday that lasted nearly two hours and was heated between supervisors, the board approved hiring Nickolaus in a 3-2 vote.

However, it was still unclear after the approval if Nickolaus, who wasn’t at the meeting, would accept the position. While the board was on breaks during the meeting, Nickolaus was communicating with Town attorney John Macy as well as sending texts with Supervisor Joe Banske about the position.

At one point, she said she wouldn’t take the position unless the vote was unanimous.

That wasn’t going to happen because Chairman John Marek and Supervisor Brian Fischer were against hiring her for the position. However, during a second recess and after a second phone conversation between Macy and Nickolaus, she agreed to take the position.

If the vote was 3-2, I think it’s close enough to demand a recount.

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