Friday, November 24th, 2017

It’s the end of REM as we know it


REM calls it quits. Somewhere my friend Mike Weinzierl is letting out a “Noooo!” louder than Al Pacino’s at the end of Godfather III.

Has it really been 31 years?

Of course, local favorite Pat McCurdy had his own take on Michael Stipe.

This is a song about Michael Stipe
He’s an artiste of a different stripe
He’s the sensitive, silent type
No one can brood like Michael Stipe

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be on McCurdy’s YouTube page.

If pressed for a favorite REM song, because nearly everyone of a certain age has one, it would still be “Losing My Religion.” I think I won a bet on the meaning of the song which does not have anything to do with losing one’s faith.

It was a rare romantic outing for REM. “[It’s about] someone who pines for someone else,” said Stipe, who admitted he had tried to top The Police’s compulsive “Every Breath You Take”. “It’s just a classic obsession pop song,” he said, denying claims that the lyrics were in any way autobiographical. “Losing My Religion” was issued ahead of the album in February 1991. Their label, Warner Bros, initially resisted its release, voicing doubts that such an unconventional-sounding single would appeal to record buyers. The band proved that mandolins can make classic pop, however, when it crossed over from their traditional college-radio audience to the Top 20, helping to launch the band on to the global stage.

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