Sunday, November 19th, 2017

I’ve seen ugly


Hey, I’ve seen ugly

Ugly is the Detroit Airport. Ugly is the recent behavior by the Left in Pittsburgh.

I wouldn’t exactly call what happened on Sunday at Serb Hall “ugly.” How about, not pretty, and really stupid?

Citizens for Responsible Government held a public meeting on Sunday at Serb Hall to cheerlead Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s proposed budget. A group of AFSCME employees, union representatives and some of the usual suspects showed up to protest.

The protest organizers are complaining some of the taxpayers were rude and disorderly. Some of the meeting attendees complained that the union members attempted to intimidate and harass the event attendees.

After that the details are in dispute. One person, possibly one of the attendees at the event, was standing on a rock heckling the protestors. Supposedly one of the protestors hit the heckler in the back of the head with a sign. Then the heckler got into a verbal confrontation with one of the protestors. It got heated quickly and, right in front of the cameras naturally, he shoved one woman protestor and the protestor he got into a confrontation with. At this point, TV6’s video cuts away before another protestor, alleged to be Kurt Zunker, president of Local 882 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, had to be restrained from hitting the heckler in the head again with the sign (as seen on CBS 58).

The unidentified heckler at the center of the shoving match quickly disappeared. He was not one of the event organizers and may not even have been an event attendee. Unfortunately that means we may never know the complete context of the events.

What is clear is that the protest organizers are not blameless for the incident, and if Zunker struck the heckler, the situation could have even gotten worse.

I’m sure the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter that was there… oh, I guess not.

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