Saturday, November 18th, 2017

James Wigderson and his critics


From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman:

Wigderson on Scrima

The Scrima defender calls Wigderson an “ignorant bully”? Pot, meet kettle.
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For Waukesha to be a better place, there should be a resignation and that would be James Wigderson. To think The Freeman allows him to spew such hatred. The mayor was elected by the people and we are not dissatisfied.
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Two very interesting opinions in Thursday’s paper: James Wigderson again states facts in regard to the status of the Water Utility’s efforts to find a longterm, sustainable water source for the future of our city. Robert Latta writes his opinion based on some very questionable logic stating drilling 55 new wells for $300,000. The real dollar figure would be closer to $300 million, plus the added costs of purchasing land, plumbing, filtering, plus the added operational costs, electric, etc. This is the same hope for a cheap solution that the mayor continues to cling to. After one year as a member of the Water Commission, the mayor claims to have a better solution. He has yet to reveal this solution to the Water Utility. He continues to cloud the issue with his not-very-sustainable statements. I voted for this young man; I thought we would get some positive ideas from him. I’m sorry that we got a music major who puts painting in front of the real issues. He continues to be a negative voice in our government. Mayor, it’s time to reveal your solution or stop getting in the way of the knowledgeable employees of this city. You are not helping and we will not stand for your continued negative voice in this city.

I would just point out that it’s hard to be a bully when I’m merely a faithful scribe of events and the supposed victim is the mayor.

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