Monday, November 20th, 2017

James Wigderson and his critics


From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman (just two quarters for all those coupons!):

Recently James Wigderson wrote, “Why own a pit bull?”’ Shame on you, Mr. Wigderson. It’s people like you running off at the mouth that give pit bulls a bad rap. Yes, your blatant disregarding ways in your article did nothing but that. As a spokeswoman from the Waukesha humane society wrote, “Pit bulls can be cream puffs and a golden retriever can be Godzilla.”

It sounds as you know little about life itself. Why do kids kill other kids? Why do mothers kill their own children? …

My wife and I are very proud owners of three pit bulls. We have two 1-year-old girls and their mother who is 3 and have yet to have any problems with any of the three. Any animal can attack, as can humans.

Were you present when this 52-year-old woman was attacked? Do you have any knowledge of the way this woman raised the dog or treated this dog? Probably not, but let’s blame the dog and its breed for this.

We consider our dogs part of our family, as do most pet owners.

I’m in disbelief on your wording in your article. Have you taken a good long look in the mirror? How would you be if you were abused or maybe were? Put yourself in a cage for hours and hours or just left alone – could you handle it? I don’t believe you did research on pit bulls at all, as others should before you start running at the mouth. Now that’s sounding off !

– C.D. Koehn

I would just like to say that I am against mothers killing their children, especially if they use pitbulls.

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