Saturday, August 24th, 2019

James Wigderson and his critics


This came in the afternoon mail today:


Mr. Wigderson: You are quick to cricize and slander anyone who you disagree with. But, I’ve not seen you attack Gov. Walker, probably the most crooked governor we’ve ever elected. He lies, takes bribes, plays favorites, and is cheating the citizens of the state. He should not be in office. And, you referred the Freeman as a “family news- paper”. What a laugh. The Freeman is not even a newspaper – It is a tool of the republican party. You, sir are an ass ! You don’t think ANY other newspaper would publish your tripe !

At least they spelled my name correctly. But who still uses a typewriter?

Moreover, sir, which indeed is not under white and
black, this plaintiff here, the offender, did call
me ass: I beseech you, let it be remembered in his
punishment. – Much Ado About Nothing, Act V, scene 1.


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