Saturday, August 24th, 2019

James Wigderson and his theater critics


In response to this blog post regarding this posting at RightWisconsin, I received the following email from “John Scott,” verbatim:

It seems if you can refer to the “morons in Madison”  I can refer to you as “that fat slob in Waukesha”?

Keep up the good workof reinforcing my view of you as a hypocrite
Yes, “fat slob in Waukesha” is the best our emailer can do. He probably heckles Santa at the mall, too.
My actual statement was,
I’m sure it will be a hit in Madison among the screaming morons that gather in the Capitol everyday at lunchtime to regale their captive audience with their “singing.”

Just as I’m sure we can observe and agree that I am a bit Falstaffian in proportion, so we can observe the Madison noontime Capitol protester and easily discern that they are, without question, morons.

Which only leaves us with one question, who is John Scott?

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