Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

James Wigderson, evil mastermind


From today’s Sound Off column in the Waukesha Freeman:

Wisconsin Covenant
The reader’s Sound Off column on Tuesday regarding the Wisconsin Covenant is way off base. Belling, Wigderson, and Robinson are not against students getting an
education, as the reader tries to twist. Nobody of sound faculty and wit would be against expediting education. The compunction here is that having students sign a pledge (covenant) where there is no program, policy, funding or even a guarantee that they will actually earn enrollment if they meet their end of the deal is disingenuous and frankly just another example of the string of outright lies from this administration (yes we have a balanced budget, elect me! Oops, it’s a deficit I wont raise your taxes! Ooh, sorry about that. Here’s a real property tax freeze, wait, um, no, not so much. Embryonic stem cell research has made an actual contribution to disease control, Oh no. Hey Michael, help me out here! Etc., etc.) Getting kids to put their signatures on a program that doesn’t exist is patently wrong. Even if you believe it will seal the deal on a program you wish to implement in the future, it is still a scam. They deserve an actual reward for their efforts.

How did I end up with only second billing?

Meanwhile, le affaire Illusory Tenant has yielded some kind words from other quarters. Tim Rock wrote,

I like James. He has a wonderful wife, cute kids, a beautiful mother and an always interesting father who keeps sending me the weirdest stuff imaginable via e-mail (keep it up, Bill … I do look at every one of them). James’ politics are diametrically opposed to mine, but we can talk. Sometimes it gets a little hot. Most often, though, humor defuses the tense situations and we come to an understanding.

After that he went into some irrelevant rambling off the topic of how wonderful I am. Lefty blogger “Capper” also weighs in on the weighty one,

James is a fairly intelligent person, with a good sense of humor.

I stopped reading after that because it wasn’t important.

But Grumps of the Happy Circumstance thinks he sees a pattern. Elliott of From Where I Sit advertised for a “mortal enemy” in blogging. Grumps responded in the comments,

Let’s think this through. The great Criminal Masterminds, Moriarty, Kobayashi, merely sat back and, through the power of their will and their knowledge of other’s failings, led networks of minions to do their bidding, often without their minion’s knowledge or assent.

I think we’re all being manipulated already and I nearly have the evidence to prove it. If something should happen to me there is a file folder in my sock drawer that points straight to this Cheddarspherical genius.


I’m talking about….


You’ll never prove it, Grumps! Nobody will ever believe you! They’ll think you’re mad! MAD! Hahahahahaha! And I’ll control the Cheddarsphere! All of it! All the ad revenue will be mine! MINE!

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