Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Jason Fields rant


Was he drunk? Or just obnoxious? State Rep. Jason Fields (D-Milwaukee) went on a rant on the Assembly floor Tuesday night, saying he was “pissed off.” At the end of the rant, he told his colleagues who had a problem with choice schools they were “full of s–t.” Then he threw the microphone. The Wisconsin Radio Network has the audio.

(In answer to Fields’ question about why legislators outside Milwaukee have a say in Milwaukee education, it’s the Golden Rule. He who controls the gold makes the rules. Since the rest of the state pays for MPS, they make the rules. I don’t think Fields wants to end all aid to MPS.)

I don’t care which side of the debate Fields is on. The Democratic side of the legislature has lost all sense of decorum and respect for the institution to which they belong. They are there because their constituents wanted them there. And if they can’t behave like adults and properly respect the legislative process, they’re disrespecting their constituents, too. If Fields is so “tired” as he claims, then he should just quit and let someone else fill his position.

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