Friday, November 24th, 2017

Jay Bullock is outraged


Jay Bullock of the blog folkbum is in a snit about an anonymous comment in poor taste that was left at a conservative website for at least four hours.  I know, it’s just shocking.  Almost as shocking as some white leftist sitting in judgement on who is black enough to be called an African American, and Bullock offering excuses for it.  But you see?  An anonymous comment left at someone’s blog just proves his point about something or other, but racism on his blog he not only condones but endorses.

Seriously, until Bullock cleans up his own site and his own lack of moral character, he should really refrain from pointing fingers at anyone else.  Since he considers “hypocrisy” to be one of the worst insults he can hurl, perhaps he should be more sensitive to his own.

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