Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Jay Walt calls Jeff Scrima a time bomb


Former Waukesha Freeman “Citizen of the Year” Jay Walt looks at Jeff Scrima record as mayor so far and says Scrima has become a time bomb in need of defusing.

Who would have scripted this mess? Progress comes from a unified vision and respect between parties. Integrity is recognized when a person’s actions reflect their promises. Trust is earned, one step at a time, over time.

Tick…Tick…Tick… There is every reason, based on the sheer volume of arrogant Mayoral mistakes in a very short time, to now believe Mayor Scrima has alienated himself from everyone but his most ardent supporters. How does he now begin to act Mayoral instead of churlish and petty?

I fear the worst is yet to come, but would, at this juncture, welcome a classy public admission that “Things have gotten off to a rocky start, but I am going to re-double my own personal efforts to bring integrity back to the Office of Waukesha Mayor. I know my actions of the past 3 months were wrong, and I hope all parties join me in moving forward!” Anything short of this won’t repair the damage inflicted. And, if this statement comes from the Mayor, I would be the first to publicly urge and support we all give Mayor Jeff another chance.

For Walt’s trouble, he got this all-too-predictable response from a Scrima supporter:

Scrima has saved our community from becoming Milwaukeesha. As I’ve often asked Larry Nelson/ Milwaukee water supporters, why don’t you just move to Milwaukee rather than bring Milwaukee to Waukesha?

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