Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Jay Weber interviews the Archbishop about gay marriage


Archbishop Dolan talks with WISN-AM’s Jay Weber regarding the Catholic Church’s position on the amendment to ban gay marriage. The Archbishop also talks about the death penalty as well.

I don’t talk about religion much on my blog. I tend to believe that most political questions can be answered through reason, and that’s the approach I tend to take. It’s the Neo-Conservative* in me. And I know non-Catholics will find this hard to understand, but much of what caused me to become Catholic in 1992 was the reasoned approach the Church takes to the great questions, something I wish the Catholic Schools did a better job teaching.

But I also believe that religious leaders have a responsibility to directly answer what their faith teaches on the important issues of our time, whether that religious leader is liberal, conservative, radical or whatever. We shouldn’t be afraid of religion in our public square, and I won’t criticize anyone for making a political vote based upon their core religious values. Rather than hide from religion we should be willing to confront what it presents in ideas and values openly and honestly.

Religious life is an integral part of American society. To ignore it deprives us of the complete human picture.

*(inside joke)

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